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Half the genome,

infinite potential

With its in-depth understanding of human stem cells and its proprietary technology of haploid human embryonic stem cells, NewStem intends to change the paradigm of life sciences and the way we develop diagnostics and therapeutics.  

NewStem Technology

NewStem provides new groundwork for numerous biomedical applications in developmental biology and reproductive medicine, advanced cancer research, regenerative medicine, and genetic disease modeling. With the combined advantages of haploid genetics and pluripotency, Haploid human Embryonic Stem Cells (HhESCs) now pave the way for numerous new biomedical applications in developmental biology, reproductive medicine, and regenerative medicine. Our HhESCs exhibited typical pluripotent stem cell (PSC) characteristics, such as self-renewal capacity and a pluripotency specific molecular signature, meaning they are able to differentiate into many other cell types, including nerve, heart, and pancreatic cells, while retaining a single set of chromosomes.



NewStem Diagnostic is an expansive, sustainable and personalized rapid screening for anti-cancer drug resistance based on the specific characterization of the patient’s cancer mutagenicity.



For the first time, NewStem’s proprietary HhESCs introduces expansive drug and gene screenings capabilities. This advances our comprehension of human biology in health and disease as well as the identification of genes and drugs relevant for genetic and epigenetic disorders. This advanced screening capability will shed new light on treating the untreatable.



This technology enables better cancer treatment. Through genetic screening of haploid cells we identified the IGF1-mTOR pathway as the most prominent pathway for regulating PSC growth.  We are expanding the screening to identify additional pathways. Such analysis could enable producing better cell growth media for hPSCs.

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