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We are changing the paradigm of life sciences and the way we develop diagnostics, therapeutics and reproductive medicine

NovelStem International Corp. focuses on the development and commercialization of diagnostic technology that can predict patients’  anti-cancer drug resistance, allowing for targeted cancer treatments and the potential to reduce resistance to chemotherapy

NovelStem was formerly known as Hollywood Media Corp. We changed our name to NovelStem International Corp. in September 2018 as a result of our business focus shift from a media business to stem cell-based diagnostics for cancer chemotherapies. NovelStem owns a legacy business interest, 50% interest in Netco Partners, which in turn owns "Net Force," a publishing book franchise.

NovelStem International Corp.


With its in-depth understanding of human stem cells and its proprietary technology of haploid human embryonic stem cells, NewStem intends to change the paradigm of life sciences and the way we develop diagnostics, therapeutics and reproductive medicine. NovelStem currently owns a 27.3% interest in NewStem, with an option to increase it to 33%.

Netco Partners

NovelStem owns a 50% interest in Netco Partners, a joint venture that owns the Net Force publishing franchise. Netco Partners has had success with the Net Force book series. Netco is relaunching Net Force, with the release of the first new book in 2019 under an agreement from HarperCollins.

Recent Press Releases

April 21


NovelStem Announces New Research Collaborations for Stem-Cell Technology Platform in Cancer Immunotherapy and COVID-19 Resistance; Reports Progress Identifying Genetic Resistance to Additional Anti-Cancer Treatments

December 16


NovelStem Increases NewStem Ownership to 27.3% Following Achievement of Development Milestones for Stem-Cell-Based Cancer Treatments Resistance Diagnostic

May 8


NovelStem announced today that its 50% owned Netco Partners unit has executed an agreement with Hanover Square Press, an imprint of HarperCollins, to relaunch the “Net Force” book series. 

September 252018

Hollywood Media Corp. Changes Name and Stock Symbol to NovelStem International Corp. and “NSTM” to Reflect Focus on Stem Cell-Based Diagnostics to Better Select Cancer Chemotherapies

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